Dear parents and carers,

The bushfires in Australia have had a significant impact on our country. Many schools and their local communities have been directly affected, but we know there are also many children and young people who have been indirectly exposed to this crisis. You may have been fighting the fires, holidaying in a bushfire affected area, or have friends and family affected by the bushfires. Many of us and our children will have been adversely affected by the media coverage around the bushfires, including confronting images of injured wildlife.

Following disasters, people can experience a wide range of physical, emotional, cognitive and behavioural stress responses. These stress responses might make it harder for some students to process information, remember things, concentrate and manage their feelings. For the majority of children, these responses subside over time, usually in the early days and weeks. Most will recover well using their own resources or with the help from friends, family and other significant adults, such as teachers.

Schools play an important role in identifying wellbeing concerns of their students. The primary role of teachers in all schools is to continue being a good and supportive teacher. Students need to feel safe and return to normal school routines as soon as possible. This will provide a level of certainty knowing where they need to be and what they need to do throughout each day. Please keep in mind that there is expertise and other resources within your school and more broadly within the Department.  Please make sure you speak with your child’s teacher to share with us any difficulties experienced and we will of course support where possible.

We look forward to welcoming students back next Wednesday the 29th (Years 1-6) and Friday 31st for Kindergarten. Please note that the office is open on Tuesday the 28th and that uniforms can be ordered online from the P&C Webpage.

We have started entering Term 1 events into the SchoolStream App and below you can find general information about routines and organisation for 2020.

Kind regards,

Lisa Haller | Principal

La Perouse Public School

Change to School Routine

In line with recent educational research on the benefits of shorter lessons and increased breaks that are better timed, we are trialling the following changes highlighted, to our school day.

  • 8.30am Breakfast Club
  • 9am – school starts
  • 9-10am –  Lesson 1
  • 10-10.10am  – Crunch and Sip
  • 10.10-11.10am – Lesson 2
  • 11.10-11.40am – Lunch ( with 10 minutes of designated eating time)
  • 11.40-12.40 – Lesson 3
  • 12.40-12.45 – Brain break
  • 12.45-1.45 –  Lesson 4
  • 1.45-2.15 –  Recess
  • 2.15-3.00 –  Lesson 5

These changes see that lessons are no longer than an hour and have structured breaks in between that focus on healthy habits and mindfulness. We also have moved our lunch forward so that children are fuelled up early, with plenty of energy to learn.

Change to Lining Up

Due to enrolment increases, we have reviewed morning assembly, lining up and dismissal areas and routines.

  • Morning Assembly area – on silver seats under trees adjacent to staffroom (not under Canteen COLA)
  • After lunch and recess – students will line up with their class at a designated spot rather than assemble all together.
  • End of day dismissal – all classes will go out the back doors to be dismissed/picked up from the north side of the building. This will free up our front office so that visitors can access it easily.

School Assemblies

This year we will aim to have fortnightly assemblies on Friday afternoons, that are hosted by our Student Representative Council (SRC) and Senior School Leaders.

At these assemblies:

  • classes will present learning and or perform
  • Positive Behaviour for Learning awards will be presented
  • Playground PBL raffle will be drawn

Parents are more than welcome to join us at 2.30pm. Dates will be posted on SchoolStream under Events.

Student Leadership

In 2020, there will be a range of opportunities for students to develop and practice leaderships skills. You may want to talk with your child about these opportunities.

Student Representative Council (SRC) – Teachers will be running a class based SRC election campaign (Years 1 – 6), which encourages students to prepare a short speech that they will give to class. Following this, students will vote on which candidate they wish to elect. Teachers will be guiding this process, using it as a teachable moment to ensure students understand what good leadership looks like. Two children per class will be elected.

House Captains – Early in Term 1, we will hold house meetings and elect house captains (years 3-6) for each house. House Captains for Yalinga (Yellow), Talinga (Green) and Manuka (Red) will help maintain a high level of commitment throughout the year to promote sport events, encourage and motivate teams as well as assist school staff in sports related matters.

Library Monitors – Student will have the opportunity to express interest for al library monitor position. In this role they will need to commit to help during library lessons and at lunchtime, when the library is open.

School Monitors – Students in years 3-6 will choose a task that they are responsible for, such as: flags, recycling, worms, compost, chickens, notes, breakfast club, playground buddies etc. Staff will guide and support students to learn about and fulfil their roles.

Please note: Students in leadership positions are expected to be good role models who demonstrate that they can uphold school rules and learn from any mistakes.

Meet the Teacher Evening

We really look forward to seeing you at our Meet the Teacher evening. Not only is this evening a fun way to meet other families, your child can also show you their classroom and you can find out some important information about school. This year we have quite a few new staff members, who are looking forward to meeting you. Please click here to read a letter from our new class teachers for 2020.

TASK – The After School Klub

Our new after school care provider has been in getting everything ready for the new school year. TASK will have their own room, located upstairs above the Kindy room. If you haven’t yet enrolled or would like to find out more, please visit their website at

Extra Curricular Activities

This year we hope to run the following opt in activities.
  • DZP Dance lessons
  • Guitar lessons (If you haven’t expressed your interest, please do so by filing out this survey)
  • Coding club
Please note: there may be costs involved, however please speak with the Principal if you are experiencing hardship.