Dear parents and carers,

unfortunately last night our facebook page was targeted by trolls, who live mostly in QLD, VIC & WA, spreading messages not in line with our school values of inclusion and diversity, therefore the Wear it Purple event post was deleted.

The event, however is going ahead but I wanted to clarify how such an event is communicated and celebrated in a primary school setting.

Wear it Purple day is a day that aims to help young people, especially those who may come from diverse family units, feel accepted as well as teach understanding that everyone needs to belong to thrive in life and that the diversity of our community is our strength. We do this through reading stories that present a range of diverse family dynamics.

I want to share that our older students felt passionately about this event, sharing stories from their own families and even wanting to address the whole school on this topic.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to call the school.

Kind regards,

Lisa Haller | Principal