Our school will be a polling station for the upcoming election Saturday 23rd March and so we will host a Fundraising BBQ. If you are available to help with our BBQ, Cake Stall and Lemonade Stand fill out this form.

Families may wish to bake goods and drop them to school on Friday afternoon at school pick up. An opportunity for children to run the lemonade stand will be possible. We ask that parents help on the day by supervising/helping their children when they are serving on the lemonade stand.

Volunteers for ELECTION DAY BBQ, Cake Stall & Lemonade Stand
Tasks of Interest (choose as many as you like)
Times you are available:
Tell us what you would likely bake, so that we can estimate how much space on our bake stall table we'll need. This is a lovely way to assist, even if you are unable to volunteer on the day.
As this is a PUBLIC EVENT/ FUNDRAISER (not a student focussed event), we are able to sell soft drinks and bottles of water similar to a Bunnings BBQ. If you would like to pick up a tray of drinks in your weekly shop and donate it to our stall, this is also a much appreciate way to get involved, even if you are unable to volunteer on the day.
Would you like to bring your child/ren in school uniform to have a turn running the Lemonade stand?
Add each child's name eg: Peter, Paul, Mary,
Add the classes your child/children are in, with a comma between.
Times you and your child/ren would be available to help for the lemonade stand:

Volunteer, bake or bring drinks to help our school raise funds on Election Day.