Dear parents and carers,

Next Tuesday during our middle session we will be holding transition activities for students. We will be joined by Year1 – 6 students starting in 2020

This will involve student spending time in their 2020 learning space, with their 2020 peers, to complete activities related to friendships, empathy, inclusion and leadership.

  • If your child is in Year 2, they will go up to Mrs Konjevic’s room with Miss Limbert (2020 teacher) ,
  • If your child is in Year 1, they will stay in their classroom with Miss Caldarevic and Ms Unsworth (2020 teacher) .
  • If your child is in Kindergarten they will go either to Miss Caldarevic’s room with Ms ParkĀ  (1/2 class) or stay in Mrs Connolly’ classroom to complete some leadership/inclusion activities with our Year 6 students.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to call and or make and appointment.

Lisa Haller