Dear parents and carers,

Our school has identified the need to create a sensory play area in the adjacent front courtyard of our school building.

Mrs Haller has asked the P&C to help by commissioning a draft design that can be used to apply for a Community Building Partnership Grant with the NSW government.

The P&C welcomes all interest in this project and you can get involved by coming to P&C Meetings on the First Tuesday of each month. Alternatively, please make contact with Mrs Haller and/or P&C subcommittee members; Ian Gordon, Amy Weidlich and Steve Fiorio, to whom we are grateful to his first drawings.

You can also use the form at the bottom of this message to give feedback or comments.

Down the track, we will be seeking community support to help build the sensory play area. If you love to garden, or help with landscaping etc and or know of any local businesses who would wish to help donate their time and resources to our shared project we’d love to hear from you.

Below are some first drawings of a sensory play area. If we are successful in receiving a grant, we’ll no doubt keep working to modify the design, to make possible the sensory space within budget and capacity, but this is an exciting first imagining of what our courtyard could become.


Sensory Play Area - Feedback Form