Dear parents and carers,

We understand that there is a lot of differing information and messages out there at the moment.
So I thought I would try and clarify what it all means for our school community.

The Department confirmed that schools will be fully operational today, under the same protocols that existed last week: social distancing, handwashing, staying home if unwell. However, our Premier, the Hon Gladys Berejiklian, addressed the issue of the operations of schools this morning at 8am and stated that parents are encouraged to keep children at home. If you have no other option, such as being an essential worker without other supervision for your child/ren, we are still open.

If you choose to keep your child home, it is very important that you stay away from shopping malls and other highly populated areas and to the best of your ability maintain learning routines at home.

This afternoon there is a livestream for Principals, regarding the plan moving forward. It is important that all families have downloaded the SchoolStream app on their phones, this will be our main school communication platform on which we will share updates.

Your child’s teacher will be using the Class Dojo App to communicate information regarding learning. In your child’s learning pack, which is┬ábeing prepared today, there is a QR code for you and your child to connect to Class Dojo.

We understand that not all families have devices (ipads/laptops) at internet access at home for online learning. We have shared this need with the Department of Education.

We have received another food bank delivery, if you or someone else in the community in is need, please come by and collect some food.

Thank you for being so flexible and supportive, together we will get through this. Stay safe and well and look after each other.
If there is anything else we can do please just let us know.

Kind regards,

Lisa Haller | Principal