Dear Parent and Carers,

I regret to inform you that this morning we found that the chickens had been attacked overnight, there were no survivors. There has been an increase in fox sightings of late, we suspect a fox made it’s way into the enclosure last night.

Due to the lockdown and Learning from Home situation, we are asking our parents to share this sad news with their children. This article may help with some guidance of how to have such a conversation. Although it talks about the loss of a pet, I think the article is still helpful especially since many children viewed the chickens as a school pet. The main points are:

  • choose words that are direct, honest, and calm
  • don’t ignore questions they ask
  • remember that every kid will process the news differently
  • don’t lie

Ian Gordan (Grandfather to Percy) and Frank Aloe (Father to Tabitha) happened to arrive on the scene, as they are leading a project to refurbish and rebuild the chicken enclosure. This sad situation has made it very clear how important it is to have a secure and safe home for chickens at our school. If you are interested in helping on this project please contact Ian on 0490136813.

Kind regards,

Lisa Haller | Principal