Dear families and carers,
We are urgently trying to scope the opportunity to do a Bunnings BBQ – we need to accept or decline the offer by this Friday. 
Bunnings BBQ on the June long weekend:
Saturday 12th June from 7am to 5pm.
We will need two teams (12 people minimum) to manage the whole day.
Shift one – 7am to 1pm
Shift two – 12pm to 5pm
If you are available to volunteer, can you please fill in the following form on our website.
The school has a range of maintenance and grounds improvement projects that we’d like to start in 2021, which require substantial fund raising. Your contributions will help support the school with this.
Projects include:
  • new chicken coop
  • new asphalt line marking including games for the children to play at break times.
  • new basketball and netball hoops
  • PA system for the hall
Many Thanks,