Dear parents and carers,

Eyecare professionals from Eyecare Kids, Hillsdale (Phone: 9311 4600) will be available to provide a Comprehensive Vision Assessment for students of La Perouse Public School on the following dates 23 July 2020 and 30 July 2020.

This is the same test that would be done if you were to attend an optometrist and will take 20-30 minutes per test. The purpose of testing is to pick up and measure any refractive errors.

If the optometrist recommends glasses or vision therapy, your child will be provided with a referral for further assessments. You are welcome to bring your child to our Hillsdale practice or to take the referral to your family optometrist.

Please let us know if you do not have a Medicare card number and would still want your child to participate. There will be no charge for students without Medicare.

Eyecare Kids require parents and carers to complete a permission form and questionnaire, which you can download here: ECK School Consent Form vFeb 2019_La Perouse PS We will arrange for this note to be sent home on the first day back next term too, please return ASAP.

Please note that Eyecare Kids Hillsdale will be providing a COMPREHENSIVE OPTOMETRIC EYE TEST and that all results of the testing will be saved in the Eyecare Kids Hillsdale patient database. A copy of the results will be provided to each child, outlining the results of the examination.

Kind regards,

Lisa Haller | Principal